”Life writes the best stories!“ 

Bullshit, life doesn´t write stories – people write stories. ”Life“ itself couldn´t give a rat’s ass.

And the best stories are written by people, who have lived their life to the fullest, who are able to observe with a hawk´s eye and who have the greatest verbal potential to melt said stories into a written form for posterity. In an ideal world they might also tickle your funny bone.

Sure, I could tell you about how I´ve seen it all – from the deepest spiritual abysses of human kind to the highest of (sometimes artificially induced) highs, that I am and always was a meticulous observer, and that it gives me joy to express myself verbally or in writing. But that would be boring, wouldn´t it? – Everyone and their dog does that…

Instead I want you to give me a call, to engage in some real human interaction and to see for yourself if we are made for each other (creatively speaking). Let´s see if we have the same kind of humor and a similar moral compass. If we think in the same kind of metaphors and if we “speak the same language“.

It is important to me that you know what kind of human being I am, how I think, feel, talk and, last but not least, write.

And if that resonates with you, I´m happy to be your wordsmith. Whether it´s a corporate film, a concept for an advertisement, the texts for your website or even just an elevator pitch for your product – I’m your man!

I can break things down to their essentials, show people from their best side and add more layers to a seemingly one-dimensional matter, authentically and without being uptight.

The sound of that tickles your curiosity? Have a look here:

MIC RIDER: www.mic-rider.com
Sprecherverband Österreich VOICE: www.sprecherverband.at/de
Lukas Wurm: www.lukaswurm.com